CRESCENDO offers  Team building, Corporate training, Sales training, Leadership training, Management training, Consultancy and Coaching in Corporate and Personal Development.

 We specialize in:
1.     Individual and Team Motivation
2.     Confidence Building
3.     Leading Sales
4.     Public Speaking Skills
5.     Leadership Skills Development
6.     Effective Communication
7.     Time Management
8.     Building Customer Loyalty
9.     Group Dynamics
10.Customer Service Expertise
11.Presentation Skills
12.Voice and Accent (US)
12.Interviewing Skills

With our experience in delivering specialist training courses, we can help you realize your business skills whether it be leadership development, leadership management, sales management or customer service.

  • Our Corporate Training can help your company achieve new training under one roof. By training your company on a company level the results, focus and success can be higher than an individual training course.
  • Increasing your Team Morale can be hard, but by using our tailored Team Building course we can help your team work together by increasing trust, respect and morale in one fell swoop!
  • Our Sales Training can help you with developing a sales strategy that can help you create more sustained sales success in your organization.
  • Our Leadership Training can help you uncover your Leadership Characteristics, and teach you how to apply them within your teams

Through our learning interventions, we build competencies in the following areas:
·  Effective Interviewing

·  First Time Leadership

·  Presentation Skills

·  Facilitation Skills

·  Customer Service

·  Collaborative Leadership

·  Interpersonal Relationships

·  Business Communication

·  Voice and Accent

·  Conflict Management

·  Problem Solving & Decision Making

·  Creativity & Innovation

·  Negotiation Skills

·  Assertive Communication

·  Business Writing

·  Time Management & Goal Setting


·  Emotional Mastery

·  Irresistible Communication and Rapport

·  Inner Time Management

·  Beliefs of Excellence

·  Deliberate Thinking

·  Developing Inner Power

·  The Art of Excellence

-  The Power of Positive Thinking

- Win friends & Influence People

Also please note that all are trainers are highly experienced & experts in their domains, and have been associated with companies like Accenture, DELL, OXFAM India , COCOON, Thomson Reuters, Convergys etc.